Classic Brand Bath & Shower Soap



5.5 Ounces

Made exclusively for Classic to our exacting specifications, ours is a Pure All Natural Deodorant soap made from a base of extra virgin Olive Oil with a high Glycerin content and natural emmolients. It produces a Rich Creamy Lather that Rinses Cleanly Away without leaving behind a soapy film. Our All Natural Formula uses No Artificial Scents, or Additives that can dry or irritate your skin or leave you smelling like a bouquet of posies. All of our deodorant soaps are formulated to eliminate Odor Causing Bacteria and leave you smelling as Fresh and Clean as Nature Itself.

Our Unscented Bath and Shower Soap will not compete with your favorite aftershave lotion or cologne.

Our Classic Bay Rum Scented Soap incorporates natural essential oils imported from the tropical Caribbean islands. The Bay Rum scent of our bath and shower soap is an exact match to our bay rum shaving soap, aftershave lotions, and colognes to prevent scent clashing.

Our Sweetgrass Scented Soap incorporates natural essential oils. Sweetgrass has been used for hundreds of years as a natural deodorant by most Native American Peoples. It’s scent is clean and fresh with a hint of the outdoors.

Our Sandalwood Scented Soap incorporates natural essential oils. From the mystic east, we take a complex rich woody blend of exotic sweet scented Sandalwood and Cedar, add Lavender and Rosemary with subtle floralcy and Jasmine and Rose, for a vivacious, enticing, confidently masculine bouquet. All of our deodorant soaps are formulated to eliminate

Select Soap Scent from pull-down menu above when ordering. Sold in individual 5.5 oz. cakes

For a Bath or Shower Experience with Lasting Benefits try Classic Brand All Natural Bath and Shower Soaps.

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